Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm like an onion. What are you?

I’m like an onion.

As far as vegetables are concerned, something tells me that the onion would be the last item a woman would use to describe herself.  Short, round and prone to making folks cry is less than desirable in most circles. However, the onion seems appropriate because the longer I live more I learn about myself.  There's a lot more to me than I'd previously thought.

This week I learned that I don’t like surprises.

I like structure. While I’m not an extreme planner I have a To-Do List on my iPhone.  There’s a whiteboard on the wall of my home office with major projects that must get done by yearend, or there’s hell to pay (so to speak).

This week I conducted a Notary Clinic for a new client - thirty notaries.  I had weeks to prepare and was pleased with the way everything turned out. All but three notaries showed up.  The PowerPoint presentation worked flawlessly and there was plenty of time for questions.  The applause at the end of the Clinic seemed sincere.  I was able to offer the right information, at the right time, for the right audience.

Before I could leave, the regional director pulled me aside and asked if I’d be willing to conduct the same training for another region’s meeting.  I answered, “Sure. When is it?“  He replied, “The day after tomorrow”.


I was shocked. The proverbial “cat had my tongue”.  I had other deadlines and meetings on my calendar. To top it off, the location of this second training was about 300 miles away.  I wanted more time to prepare. I wanted to “plan”.  But part of me knew that this was an awesome opportunity - one that I'd been hoping and praying for, for a very long time.  But why now?!

Thankfully, the director gave me time to “check my calendar” and when I replied two hours later I accepted his offer.

So what did I learn?  That at times I can be inflexible and single-minded when a situation calls for me to be spontaneous and amenable. Fact is, if I’m not careful I might miss out on future great opportunities (miss my blessing).

So, back to that onion analogy.  There's more layers to an onion than you think. I had no idea that I have these personality traits or habits  But now, after peeling back each layer I see more of me. Will I do better now that I know this about myself?  I hope so.  I realize that my plans are not always the BEST plans.

Should any tears get shed along the way, let’s hope it'll be tears of joy, not from pain.